Pegah Ebrahimi


The Future of Retail & Commerce Landscape: Who Will Survive, Thrive and Why?

The Future of Retail & Commerce Landscape: Who Will Survive, Thrive and Why?

May 4, 2018

“C” is for Consumer-Centric, Contextual, Crypto, Collaborative and Connected Commerce.

Customers have more purchasing options today than ever before. In order to attract those shoppers, brick and mortar retailers have to create the most transparent, omnichannel and consumer-centric experience—one that’s secure, scalable and engaging, without threatening their shoppers’ privacy. These solutions have to make shopping fun, social, and rewarding, offering shoppers the best value for their time and money spent. Additionally, customers expect an experience with easy product discovery both online and off, with the option to try out products and then a streamlined process for exchanges and returns. Shopping today is all about OPTIONS and VALUE, that’s what C-Commerce can deliver.


  • Creating your own branded affiliate network platform
  • Complying with GDPR and ePrivacy regulations
  • Leveraging user generated advertising and influence marketing to create a sustainable and crowdsourced salesforce
  • Closing the gap between online and offline sales, shopping and advertising
  • New ways to incentivize your shoppers and brand ambassadors, eliminating middlemen and bottlenecks
  • Getting rid of phony metrics like CPM, CPC, and CTR to establish CPT (cost per transaction)
  • Leveraging new contextual, connected and blockchain-based marketplaces to compete with Amazon’s fragmented market
  • Tracking every advertising dollar to sales dollars
  • Leveraging blockchain or/and cryptocurrency for processing millions of micro-payments
  • Leveraging AI, IoT, VR/AR to create more secure connected and transparent commerce

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